Rochester NY Health Club Bodybuilding Myths and Truths

1 – You would not gain fat no matter how much you eat if you stick to a low fat diet.

If you surpass your energy needs, you will still get fat. However, consuming a diet high in fat will add the weight faster. Fat has nine calories per gram compared to carbohydrates or proteins, which have 4 calories per gram. It also takes fewer calories to absorb the energy in fat than it does to absorb a similar quantity of carbohydrates by weight. Therefore, fat calories get stored more readily than calories from carbohydrates. However, carbohydrates and proteins have calories too. Hence, taking in too much of these will also get you fat.

2 – In order to get a large physique, you need to consume a lot of calories.

High calorie diets will definitely lead to you getting positively large. Unless you are someone who has a high metabolism, you will only be saving any extra calories that you do not burn and turn it into fat. Scientists have shown that all but 35% of the newest tissue generated due to calorie-dense regimens is actually adipose tissue. Only 20% of the added weight from high calorie consumption is lean muscle mass. You can check this list of best rowing machines if you are planning to burn calories with rowing machine at home. Information source:

Therefore, if your desire is to get large, lean-muscles, then very-high-calorie meals are not for you.

Prevention of protein breakdown appears to be the most applicable factor in determining muscle growth.  However, studies show that adding adipose tissue via gorging can indeed augment muscle breakdown. Besides, added fat can extravagantly change hormonal balance, which is responsible for regulating protein breakdown in your muscle. For example, insulin, which partly controls protein breakdown in the body, is handicapped through constant deglutition.

3 – You can get as big as a professional body builder can without taking steroids.

Bodybuilding supplement companies support numerous magazines. So it is necessary for them to claim that you do not need steroids to build muscles. Professional body-builders, without exception, take steroids in some form or the other. The transparent skin and increased level of muscularity are very likely the result of hormone manipulation.

Regardless, you should not use that as a reason to abandon your bodybuilding objective. You can almost certainly build significant muscle mass if you train properly, follow a nourishing dietary regimen, and make sure to get sufficient rest.

One thing to remember about bodybuilding at the competitive level is that steroids are almost always a necessity. However, it is entirely possible to get the type of physique that will bring respect and admiration from both sexes.

4 – The more you workout, the better for building muscle.

Ninety five percent of bodybuilding professionals will remember that the biggest mistake they ever made in pumping iron is that they over did it. If your muscles are going to heal they are going to require rest. In situations like this, muscles that are worked to frequently do not have time to heal, no muscle gain will occur. If you are doing it properly, intensity wise, and if you work out every day you are sure to over strain yourself, leading to all sorts of bad things. Any part of the body that is pushed to complete muscular failure could take anywhere from five to ten days to renew itself.

You can also over train, even if you are working a different part of the body each day. You will actually inhibit your muscle growth progress if, for example, you work your quadriceps to failure one-day and then try to do some heavy bench presses the next day. Your entire body fails to regenerate from the blow that it has experienced.

Unless you take some drug to help you deal with the catabolic operations working in your body, you cannot rely on your system to recuperate from a difficult workout by the next day. Rest after each training session and make recuperation a part of your workout routine.

5 – You will get better results by working out longer.

Research has proven that you can work a single muscle group with just one set, as long as your workout incorporates several muscles and takes them to ischemic rigor. The muscle fibers harden instead of relaxing after they contract. This causes microscopic tearing of the muscles. Hypertrophy is an example of an adaptive process in reaction to stress like this.

You can achieve this intensity by doing breakdown or drop sets. Rep out, drop the weight, then continue for more reps until you cannot do another rep. You can also achieve this by going for your maximum number of reps, then you conclude with ten more reps. You take short rest periods by locking out the weight-bearing joint without laying down the weight. In short, thoroughly exceed your usual discomfort and energy thresholds.

If you are able to really work your muscles as described above, there is very little advantage to doing another set. An exception to this would be working on body parts that have distinct geographical areas such as the legs, back and chest.

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